Good Girl, flash fiction, is up at Matchbook Lit.

maybe even the sea is CNF at Longleaf Review.

A Fix On Heaven, Dog Lover, and Things Manufactured are up at Wyvern Lit. Warning: all three flash pieces are haunted.

Cemetery Soup creative non-fiction at Cheat River Review.

Haint is a creative non-fiction flash piece at Tin House‘s Flash Fidelity.

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Is a Radical Reimagining of What It Means to Be a Hero  How Ava Duvernay’s diverse casting of a ‘Wrinkle in Time’ gives the novel new meaning. This essay was featured on Medium.

end at the skin is a very odd prose/poem at Strange Horizons about bodies, Otherness, multiverse and science.

Shitstorm  a creative non-fiction piece at Hobart.

it was never like this, it was always like this, a short fiction at Cosmonaut’s Avenue.

wormhole is just another word is micro fiction at The Offing.

Peephole is flash at Hobart.

The Get-Get Man in Fireside Fiction, selected by guest editor, D.J. Older.

The Price: A Queer Daughter of a Queer Mother, Patricia Highsmith, Carol, and confronting family history at Electric Literature. An essay.

A new flash piece, “How People Leave, II,” that’s really a sequel to How People Leave over at Broad! zine.

This Writer’s on Fire series (2015) at The Butter/The Toast: Kima Jones | Gabrielle Bellot | Jess Zimmerman | Naomi Jackson | MariNaomi | Sarah Rose Etter | Rachel Eliza Griffiths | Rion Amilcar Scott | Alice Sola Kim | xTx | Wendy C. Ortiz | Sofia Samatar | Carmen Maria Machado | Lisa Mechum | Cathy Linh Che | Désirée Zamorano | Mecca Jamilah Sullivan |

“Beauty Sleep” (flash/poetry)  in FLAPPERHOUSE #6 (2015).

Made Light (short fiction) at The Future Fire, 2014. With awesome illustrations by Eric Asaris. Reprinted in Heiresses of Russ 2015, editors Jean Roberta and Steven Berman, Lethe Press.

A Theory of Lightning and Green (flash fiction) published by the Northville Review.

Falling Bodies to Light (short fiction) published by Hot Metal Bridge. (also printed in their Best of 2010 and was a storySouth Million Writers Award
Notable Stories of 2009.

How People Leave (flash fiction) was published by Vestal Review and reprinted in their Cream of the Flash, Issue 21, 2005. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

“Known Forms or How the Aliens Stole My Clone Babies for Jesus,” a story  about parthenogenesis, not aliens, was first printed in Say…What’s the Combination, Issue #4, edited by Christopher Rowe and Gwenda Bond.

The Third Kind of Darkness (short fiction) was published by LCRW, issue #20, edited by Gavin Grant and Kelly Link.